Cortizone Injections

The injection you received today is a combination of local anesthetic and cortisone.  The local anesthetic can make you feel better right away but can wear off before the cortisone takes effect which can give you an increase in pain.

To help alleviate discomfort, we recommend that you apply ice several times at the site of the injection for 20 minutes out of each hour.

You can also take Tylenol and Ibuprofen as needed for pain control.

If you are a diabetic, you may notice an increase in blood sugar levels for a day or two following the injection.

If your symptoms persist for beyond five to seven days, please contact your treating physician.

Meet our Specialists

Thompson Bio

Alexandria, Minnesota was Dr. Thompson's hometown before studying at the University of North Dakota. He joined Northern Orthopedics in 2001 following his residency in Michigan.

Dr Thompson

Rud Bio

After graduating from the University of Minnesota and Finishing his residency in Michigan, Minnesotanative Dr. Rud joined the Northern Orthopedics team in 1993.

Dr Rud

Metz Bio

Originally from the Twin Cities, Dr. Metz came on board in 1998 following his studies at the University of Minnesota and residency at the University of Michigan

Dr. Metz

Robertson Bio

Dr. Robertson joined Northern Orthopedics in 2007. Prior to that, he studied at the Medical College of Wisconsin, followed by his residency at the University of Minnesota. After completion of his residency, he trained in Oslo, Norway, where he spent 6 months doing a sports medicine fellowship.

Dr Robertson

Lelwica Bio

Dr. Lelwica grew up right here in Brainerd, MN and has practiced at Northern Orthopedics since 2008. Prior to that, she studied at the University of Minnesota and completed her orthopedic residency there too.

Dr Lelwica